Sweet Creations Lollipop Molds

Sweet Creations, established by Kathleen Craven on Leap Year Day of 1980, began manufacturing and distributing a unique line of hard candy lollipop (sucker) molds for home use. The easy to use molds are made from durable food grade aluminum and can be used to make hard candy or chocolate lollipops easily in about thirty minutes! The Making Lollipops, Step by Step pages will show you just how easy it is to make delicious and attractive lollipops.
                                                     End of an Era

In 2020 Kathleen and her husband retired full time from Sweet Creations and turned over all operation of the business to their son Brian. Brian transitioned sales of the Lollipop Mold sets to his Amazon store. The Covid 19 pandemic impacted his ability to fulfill and ship orders. Although Brian never got Covid, he suffered significant health problems and has closed his Amazon store.

Due to the significantly higher cost of manufacturing the molds by the method we used in the 80's, we have decided to permanently end selling our Sweet Creations Lollipop Molds. It has been a difficult decision as Sweet Creations was so integrated into our family. It is possible that you may find our lollipop molds being sold on eBay or Amazon as "vintage".

We thank all our past customers for their loyal support for over 40 years. We have appreciated your business and well wishes and we wish you all the best.

Sweet Creations Phone Number, 801-292-9050 and Email are no longer in service.