Making lollipops, Step 1

Setting up Sweet Creations Lollipop Molds is very easy. Use a marble slab or a new cookie sheet turned over so you set up the molds on the bottom. Use the flattest cookie sheet you have. An upside down cookie sheeet will create an air space underneath it that will help cool the lollipops after the molds are filled.

Wash the molds in warm, soapy water then add some cooking oil, butter, lard, or Crisco to the inside surface of each mold. This acts as a mold release. You also need the same cooking oil on the marble surface the molds are set up on so the lollipops will lift off easily after they are cool. TIP: Cover the pouring surface with tin foil and you will not need to put oil on it. Trust us, it works! As this photo shows, just put our special clip, included with the molds, over the tabs at the bottom of the shape.

TIP: You only need to grease the molds once about every three or four uses.