Making lollipops, Step 4

After the solution has reached hard crack temperature (300 degrees F) remove the pan from the heat source. Let it stand for a few minutes while temperature drops to about 265 degrees F. At that temperature the bubbles will have settled out and the syrupy liquid can now be colored and flavored.

Add the flavor according to the recipe, then add the coloring. Go easy as too much color can make the lollipops taste bitter. Also, too much flavor will make the lollipops taste soapy. Use the recipe as a guide then vary in small amounts to taste. Be sure that you do not over stir the liquid as you add the flavor and color as over stirring can cause sugar crystals to form, making the candy taste gritty. Citric acid is also added at this time to fruit flavored lollipops to enhance the fruity taste. Once the candy solution is well blended, start pouring into the molds as shown in the photo at the left.